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work in progress as of 20/9/2020

After a false start, I followed a rose pattern by Anna Nikipirowicz which uses beads:

I like this combination of of cream silk and brown glass beads a lot, but if I try this again I think I'll use fewer beads (believe it or not!) and the pattern I've been using from I like the arrangement of the final product (in this case, the booches) a lot more.

... is there a passing resemblance yet? I've been crocheting the green stalks and hope to sew them onto a blank canvas (probably the ivory lining I have) and then embroider the yellow corn buds using the satin stitch as recommended in the pattern above. The pattern, by the way, is from a book called 'Embroidery' by Ksynia Marko (Treasure Press, 1982) and has been in our house - mostly an abandoned shelf - since 1986!

Where would the crochet world be without Caitlin Sainio? These snowflakes all use patterns created by the lady herself. These are made with the silk I make for the roses, and I'm toying with the idea of blocking them (soaking them in water or laundry starch so they keep their shape) but I need to look into this as silk may need some 'special' (expensive / difficult to find) blocking agent... They'd be quite nice to sew onto a blouse or cloth handbag/tote bag. If blocked, maybe good as Christmas decorations. Do you have any ideas as to what they could be used for?


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