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(sang to the tune of 'Driving Home for Christmas')

Happy new year! Happy 2021 to you all! Hoping it has already started off as well for you as it has for me (thank God). The last few days I've been updating the website, which is something that's needed doing since September, and which I've kept on putting off as I don't enjoy it and am easily distracted even when I do sit down to do it. The smallest of changes has taken me hours (I'm not exaggerating!) when they should've taken me minutes. Suddenly the whole day has gone by with me moving photo and text boxes around, making sure they're in alignment.

The website will be a work in progress for a while to come, I am making new purses at the moment and still need to add a couple more sections to the homepage. I will probably bite the bullet and begin selling on Amazon shortly, and I don't think I can ignore Facebook any longer. Seeing as they already own WhatsApp and Instagram (I think?) and I use both of those religiously it'd seem stupid to ignore their biggest product of all.

Above: the return of the zip purse! I'm hoping the sewing machine will help me out with both the lining and attaching the zip. Below: Canvas artwork; the stems have been sewn using backstitch, the gold hearts stuck on with double-sided tape (a bit of a fiddly job!). According to a quick poll on Instagram I should add more hearts to this! What do you think?

I have ideas for other canvas artwork, I've ordered some more of the metallic gold thread I've used in a lot of the flowers. I want to attach the flowers to canvas but the white background is a little stark so once the gold thread arrives I'll start crocheting (or hand-stitching) a more warm and inviting looking background.

I'll be working on adding a "custom order" section of the website once I have sorted out the materials I have (give me a couple of months) but if you are a member this option is already open to you! So if any of the beloved members of this website are reading this, let me know if you'd like a purse or brooch and what colours you'd like them in, or if you'd like some of the small flowers to stitch onto your own clothes, shop's open!

Thank you for reading, until next Sunday, Lingling xx

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