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Zip purses

This last week I've been rather scared of using the sewing machine to sew a zip to lining. I watched several YouTube tutorials on how to do this and they looked quite straightforward but these things are never so easy on the first (five or six) attempt(s).

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet! I was really quite pleased with myself but the sides were uneven and then I realised I'd sewn the lining to the zip the wrong way. I redid this (I need to buy a stitch-unpicked) several times but this morning I finally had success!

Once the lining and zip were sewn together I handstitched the zip to the crochet purse. The finished product is:

You may remember I had a zip purse for a sale on this website (which has been sold). That one was entirely handsewn and a lot of it was done blind as it's very tricky to see what you're doing when sewing the zip, lining and crochet together in one go. The above purse was still fiddly enough even with the machine, but this is definitely a quicker method and the stitching is still virtually invisible.

I'm hoping to finish the below purse shortly, I just need to attach the zip and lining to the crochet: (the zip has already been sewn to the lining).

The other work in progress is the following artwork, which was inspired by this photo I took ages ago:

My efforts so far (I've ordered some green silk thread, from a different website from before):

Thanks to Angelo for pencil drawing of the image onto the canvas 😊

Thank you so much for reading, hope you are keeping strong despite the relentless virus.


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